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Available 24/7

We are available by phone every day and 24 hours a day at 0341 363544
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Support and Assistance

From the call to the closure of the probate files, we are at your side

Funerary Art

We follow you in the funeral furnishing project according to your needs

Funeral rite

We offer all the services related to the funeral rite, religious or civil, according to the wishes of the family and the deceased

Succession practices

We offer assistance with succession practices thanks to experienced professionals in the sector

Handling of funeral procedures

We deal with funeral procedures and intermediation in the handling of public documents concerning the death of people


Transfer of the body

We follow the transfer of the body throughout the journey, even in case of repatriation from abroad or transfer from another city


Dressing of the deceased

We carry out all the sanitation and cleaning treatments, mortuary toilet and thanatoaesthetics


Ceremonies and funeral rites

With family members, we take care of organizing the last farewell which can be a religious ceremony or civil commemoration



From bureaucratic practices to transport and possible dispersion of the ashes, we take care of all the practical and bureaucratic processes


Burial ceremony

Based on the type of burial chosen: burial, burial or cremation, it will be our task to arrange all the procedures.


Music and Flowers

We take care of the music, to gently accompany the ceremony, and of the flowers, to leave a last message of affection.


Funeral Transport

Our fleet consists of hearses and trucks and we take care of the transport directly.



We personally follow all the practical and bureaucratic phases of the cemetery concessions and any movements.


What to do next

After the death of a loved one, there are many practices to be carried out, from the will to utilities, pensions, subscriptions … We help you in handling all the paperwork.


Succession Practices

Thanks to the collaboration with experts in the sector, we offer various services from asset consultancy to the declaration of succession, up to contacts with the various bodies for bureaucratic practices.


Legal assistance

Support beyond comfort thanks to our partner who offers legal advice for accidents, work injuries, medical malpractice …


A family history

The history of our company stems from the deep affection for Libera Vallini. After working for her, Emilio Castagna took over the business and continued to pass on, from generation to generation, the values of high professionalism and sensitivity.

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People with a real heart! Professionalism, availability and much more. A huge thank you. Even through bad things, you discover and meet wonderful people of good cheer. Thank you, thank you and thank you again, wholeheartedly!

Thanks and thanks again.
For your kindness, grace, sensitivity, professionalism and silent presence. I will always carry in my heart the great humanity, composure and closeness of all of you. Entrusting your parent to be buried is a very strong act, because separating from your loved one requires care and attention.

Thank you with all my heart! In the moment of our pain, made even more gray by the current situation, the availability, professionalism, deep respect of Mr. Vittorio and all his collaborators were a comfort, as well as for the technical and bureaucratic aspect, also from the human point of view.

Thanks Vittorio, for the willingness to listen attentively and sensibly, the voice that immediately welcomed and guided me at all times, reassuring me about the many questions, doubts and fears.
The care and attention I have received has been a great comfort to me in easing my pain.

What to do if …

for any questions or information do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Death at home

Contact us by phone at the time of death indicating the place of death, address and telephone number. Our staff will reach you in a short time for the dressing of the body.
Together, we think about the whole organization of the funeral, taking care of the procedures related to transport and burial.

Death in a retirement home

In the event of death in a nursing home or hospital, a proxy of authorization signed by a relative, identity documents and tax code of the deceased must be brought to our offices.
The body is transferred to the mortuary inside the structure and only after the observation period can it be entrusted to us.
We will take care of all the necessary steps to complete the funeral, keeping you informed.
If you decide to move the body to your home for the wake, we will take care of the transport and bureaucracy.

Death in a public place

In the event of death in a public place, the body can only be moved with the consent of the magistrate.
Only after the release of the permit from the competent authorities, can the body be transferred to a private place or to the hospital mortuary. Once the move is complete, you can begin to complete all the paperwork for organizing the funeral.

Death abroad

When death occurs abroad, the circumstance could require the involvement of Consulates, Embassies or Prefectures. Depending on the country where the death occurred, a specific procedure will need to be followed. Contact us to know all the specifics of the case. We will be by your side troughout the proccess of repatriation of your loved one and the planning of the funeral service.

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