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Funeral transfer

With funeral transfer we intend all the movements of the remains from the death to the final destination. Funeral Transfer must be authorized by the municipality where the death took place.

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How does it work

The remains need the transfer:

Death - Wake

From the place of death, in public place too, we arrange the transfer to the wake, that can be at home or in a public/private facility.


Wake - place of worship

The place of vigil favors the welcome of those who wish, with a visit, to offer a last comforting greeting to their families. The body is then transported to the place of worship.

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Cemetery or crematorium

From the place of worship, based on the choice of the deceased and family members, the body is transported to the cemetery for the burial ceremony or to the crematorium.

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International or farther transfer

If the destination cemetery is located very far in the country or abroad, it is proposed to move by air. Transportation to and from the airport is carried out by hearse, while the main route is covered by the airplane.

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What To Do If

Death at home

Contact us by phone at the time of death indicating the place of death, address and telephone number. Our staff will reach you in a short time for the dressing of the body.
Together, we take care of the whole organization of the funeral, taking care of the procedures related to transport and burial.

Death in a retirement home

In the event of death in a nursing home or hospital, a proxy of authorization signed by a relative, identity documents and tax code of the deceased must be brought to our offices.
The body is transferred to the room mortuary inside the structure and only after the observation period can it be entrusted to us.
We will take care of all the necessary procedures for completing the funeral, keeping you informed.
If you decide to move the body at your home for the wake, we will take care of the transport and bureaucracy.

Death in a public place

In the event of death in a public place, the body can only be moved with the consent of the magistrate.
Only after the release of the permit from the competent authorities, can the body be transferred to a private place or at the hospital mortuary. Once the move is complete, you can begin to complete all the paperwork for organizing the funeral.

Death abroad

When death occurs abroad, the circumstance may require the involvement of Consulates, Embassies or Prefectures. Depending on the country where the death occurred, a specific procedure will need to be followed. Contact us to know all the specifics of the case. We will follow by your side all the actions to be taken to manage the repatriation of your loved one and to organize the funeral rite.


How is the transport to the islands organized?

For funeral transport to the major islands it is possible to evaluate the naval route on the ferry. In this case, it is the hearse itself that embarks and possibly also completes the funeral if celebrated on arrival. If necessary, our agency can also arrange tickets for any accompanying companions.

What to do in the event of the death of a foreigner on Italian soil

For the deceased on Italian soil but with a different citizenship which contemplates their burial abroad, in addition to preparing the coffin for air transport, the documentation and procedures prepared by the Municipality of death are required. These documents also provide for the mortuary passport, which must also be formalized by the embassy or consulate of the relevant State.